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Rest easy about your stay with us at the Northern College – Haileybury Campus Residence. Support for the property is provided by on site representatives and our management team in North Bay. Read on to learn more about how our remote and on-site teams make sure you and the facility receive adequate care.


Resident Advisors (RAs)

Resident Advisors are student leaders that live on-site and offer mentorship through community building. They provide connections to resources and offer guidance through social, academic and personal matters. RA’s often act as a Resident’s first point of contact on the property.

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Residence Services Representatives (RSRs)

Reception and administrative support for Haileybury Residence are provided by the team in North Bay. When placing a call to the front desk, identify that you are from Northern College – Haileybury Campus to ensure that you receive the appropriate support. Please use info@northernresidence.ca or 705-980-1301 to connect with the front desk.


Mail Services

Pick up for packages addressed to Haileybury Campus Residence are facilitated by our RAs on designated mail days. The mail schedule is provided to students when they move in.



Regular site visits from the maintenance team ensure efficient and safe facility and property operations. If you require in-room maintenance, please submit a maintenance request through the residence portal. For urgent maintenance issues, please contact our Residence Services Representative team.



Students are responsible for maintaining the interior of their suite/room, and housekeeping services are completed on shared spaces in the building, such as stairwells, hallways and lobby areas.

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